How to Become a Video Game Tester

Video game testing is one of the lucrative ways to earn money part time working as a video game tester. The video game industry is a multi-billionaire company, and it makes revenue more than the movie industry yearly. In order to make sure the games they send into the market are delightful to game players, there is need to scrutinize the games to make it a high quality type.Functions of a video game tester
The role of a video game tester is to detect bugs, art glitches and other various bugs made at the various stages of game production. Video game testing is not an easy job, it requires a college degree with some years of experience, one with a technical know how is at an advantage. Video game testing is necessary for the quality control section of video production. As an individual who plays games for fun, you are only qualified for beta testing. Game designers believe that if the games go into the market without taking time to check for errors, bugs and glitches at all levels of the game production, it may not sell out. So if you are a game player and you want to make some money testing video games, you are qualified for a beta game testing. After doing beta game testing for couple of months, it would be easy for you to upgrade to fulltime game testing for that company.Requirements
Anyone can be a beta video game tester in order to detect bugs. Unfortunately, they only accept people from 17 years and above. Meanwhile, if you are able to present yourself as a professional game player, you are likely to get the job. How do you present yourself as a professional video game player? It’s by telling them the number of years you’ve been playing games, types of games you own and the ones you’ve played before. Think of anything that is likely to enhance your chances of getting this job and don’t hesitate to make the company aware of it. The more you convince them with believable evidences, the more your chances of getting this job.Compensation
The most exciting stage of a video game testing job is when you are paid for your hard work. Most people can’t wait for this day to come their way, they will keep on looking at their calendar and counting the days by number, hoping and praying for their payment day to approach fast. All the same you worth it, after all, you worked for it.
The salary of a video game tester normally ranges from $6 to $150 per hour depending on the number of hours you spend testing video games. For some people, it’s a huge amount of money and with it you could settle one or two problems. The method of payment they pay through is check. Well, not all beta game testing are paid for but you stand a chance of getting the full version of the game some days before it’s released into the market.Process of Applying
It’s not easy to get a video game testing job but it’s possible. You need to start by checking the websites of game designers like Electronic Arts, Code Master, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft Xbox; you can name the rest of them. While searching around their websites, you might be lucky to run into a game testing opening. It will also be nice if you contact them through email or phone number to enquire for any opening. I recommend you contact them through phone; it will take time before you are replied through email.If you have a friend that works in a game designing company, you could ask him to connect you to a game testing job. It’s easier that way.Another way is to check classified sections of newspaper, game magazines. There are websites online that post video game testing opportunities more often in their database. This is another way to get a video game testing job, you are likely to find one at classified sites like craigslist or kijiji and other websites you know that talks about games related issues.